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Early morning arrival at Charles de Gaulle, Paris

I arrived in Paris early this morning at Charles de Gaulle airport to find a temperature in the low 70’s, drizzling rain, and overcast skies. Passport control would have been a snap, but I filled out my tourist card with the point of disembarkation rather than the point of embarkation. Two of my biggest fears were squelched upon arrival: getting transportation from the airport to the city, and finding a cheap place to spend the night.

To get to the city I purchased a ticket on the RER, or suburban commuter rail, and simply rode it in. I connected to the Metro inside Paris and got off at the République stop.

After about twenty minutes of just walking around and looking at signs in windows, I found the Hôtel Béranger, located at 23 rue Béranger. The room was very cheap despite its wonderful location in the heart of Paris, and because the place was basically empty I could check in at noon. The room was notably worn down, with plaster cracking off the walls and dust and dirt everywhere. There was neither a toilet nor a shower in the room, but there was a bidet. The bed, however, was soft and clean. It was perfect for a midday nap.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman