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An afternoon of anticipation walking around Paris

Anticipation was the key word of the afternoon. After waiting for over an hour at Angelina’s, I realized that I either had the wrong place or Kirsten was not coming. I decided therefore to find her hotel, Hôtel MacMahon, suspecting that she might eventually end up there. To find the hotel I bought a good map of Paris and left the rest up to my feet. I was disappointed when I got there to find out that Kirsten had not even checked in yet. This was odd, because her flight was supposed to arrive at about 8:00 a.m. I left her a message with the desk clerk and resumed my exploring activities, but I purchased a telephone card so that I could give the hotel a call every hour or so to get a status report.

I spent the meantime walking around the Les Halles area, soaking in some more of Paris. I strolled near the Pompidou center and stopped for an espresso at Café Rive Droite nearby. It was a warm, sunny Saturday afternoon, and the streets were full of people. I spent some time writing postcards. I finally got in contact with Kirsten, whose flight was eight hours late, and met her at her hotel at about 5:30 p.m.

After we spent some time reacquainting, we made our way over to the Left Bank to get some dinner. We found a tasty and filling pasta dinner at Ristorante Nivona on rue Saint André des Arts, near the Saint Michel Metro stop in the 6th. After some leisurely early evening strolling, we went back to the Béranger to pick up my baggage and then returned to the MacMahon to turn in early and get a good night’s rest.