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Sitting on park bench near the Eiffel Tower, waiting for my fiancée

I’m sitting on park bench near Eiffel Tower. I got sick of waiting for Kirsten all morning after getting up at 8 a.m. and enjoying the relatively cool morning air, which she squandered away debating over next week’s accommodations. I bought us some croissants for breakfast and a coffee (4 FRF) at McDonald’s for myself.

After sitting around the room for hours with Kirsten, I left for place St. Michel and got myself a hot gyro from one of the ubiquitous Greek restaurants. It was just a pita wrapped around a bunch of meat and french fries and it really hit the spot — a nice meat and potatoes meal. I then took the RER here and I am supposed to meet Kirsten here in 15 minutes.

Things are winding up for Bastille Day; there is hustle and bustle everywhere. I’ll check on activities.

Bad news: the dollar dropped to 5.25 FRF at banks today. Good thing I changed money early.