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Paris, visiting the sewer museum instead of the Eiffel Tower

Kirsten actually did meet me on time at the Eiffel Tower. We’d both been up on it, and we had done Sacré-Coeur on Monday which was actually a better view; the line was enormous and we decided our money would be better spent elsewhere. We walked down the street to start a sewer tour (20 FRF). (Our student ID cards had already paid for themselves at this point.) The tour was very interesting and educational but, of course, smelly. The sewer system has gradually evolved from a system of open ditches to the elaborate system of tunnels and aqueducts of today. We walked by way of George V Blvd. and the Champs-Elysees back to the hotel for a shower and a nap before going out to dinner.

For dinner we walked back to the St. Michel area which had become our favorite dinner area and chose Navona again, but this time we ordered a pizza, which was very good, and a smaller carafe of wine. Kirsten and I have started getting good at economizing on worthwhile meals, although Kirsten did order a dessert which did double the price of her meal.

The Parisians are lunatics with fire crackers on 13 and 14 July. It is illegal but the police look the other way, despite the injuries caused by throwing M-80 type firecrackers into crowds of people. I am saving clippings from France-Soir editorializing the use of fireworks on the 14th. Our trip back to the hotel got us almost hit by firecrackers several times along the crowded Champs-Elysees.