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Arriving in Vienna with neither hotel reservation nor money

When we arrived in Vienna we made a bee-line for the hotel reservation desk, only to have it occur to us that we had zero schillings. So Kirsten held a place in line and watched our bags while I ran upstairs to an ATM. I came back to find Kirsten had not moved at all in line.

Reservations put us at the Pension Bosche (13, Keilgasse) for 335 ATS per person per night, plus 35 ATS fee (Kirsten and I split the fee, so 17,50 ATS) where we stayed for two nights. It had a hall W.C., but had a shower in the room and two twin beds, a friendly hostess, and a wonderful breakfast of cereal, milk, cheese, wurst, bread, butter, jam, juice, and coffee both mornings. After a week in Paris, to get a large cup of coffee was a real treat.