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Salzburg, Austria

A nice breakfast was served at Tauernhof, but there was no meat. The first stop on our day tour of Salzburg was the post office, where Kirsten mailed about a half-million postcards by airmail at about 80 cents (8,5 ATS) a whack. At that point I decided that only immediate family would receive postcards by Flugpost, everyone else would wait for surface mail (7 ATS each).

The first real stop was Mirabell gradens, a beautiful place with all the beauty of Versailles or Herrenhaüser but without the grandiosity.

We then visited St. Sebastian’s cemetery and saw the Mozart family grave. Crossing the river back into the Altstadt, we climbed the Festung by foot and toured it (15 ATS). Back at the bottom we saw the St. Peter’s cemetery and a lot of tourists. We saw the day version of all the monuments and fountains we saw the night before.

We had lunch of pasta at Spaghetti and Co. on Getreidsgasse, then went back to the pension for some rest, just in time for it to start raining. We left again around dinnertime and decided to try one of the places listed in Let’s Go. The first being out of business, we tried Paracellus Stuben at Kaigasse 8. I ordered the Wienerschnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln Menü, which came with another Salat and Nüdelsuppe, all for 98 ATS (I thought). It was a wonderful, filling meal tucked into an off-street, which was unfortunately overrun by little high school students until about ten minutes before we left. The meal came very quickly, but we didn’t realize the service was not included and it added fifteen percent to the bill. (N.B.: I still thought it was a bargain.)

We walked around the town a little more but decided on an early night at about 10:30 p.m., giving us a good nine hours of blissful slumber.