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Mutters, Tyrolia, Austria

Haus Wolf is listed as a best bargain both by Let’s Go and Frommer’s, and that’s about all the advertising she needs.

The Stubaitalbahn (STB), the train into the hills from the city of Innsbruck, seems like extortion at almost 5 US$ for an 18-km round trip. But one can really appreciate the breath-taking views that are included in the fare. In any event, Mutters was so nice that we didn’t need to use the STB again except to return to the train station.

Tuesday night we arrived and after scouting out the village we decided on the Italian place (forgot the name) for dinner, which for me was spaghetti carbonara and a very big beer. (118 ATS). We turned in for a very early night’s rest, there being little nightlife in Mutters.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman