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Munich, Germany

I’m laid over here in Munich and I’ve been taking an impromptu walking tour of the city, which is compact and quite seeable in an afternoon without going too in-depth.

I found a lively beer-garden near the town marketplace. The beer is “Münchner Hell”. A half-liter cost me 4,20 DM and it is delicious. The Bavarians know how to make beer: this really hits the spot. I was a little intimidated by the full-liter beers; they are exactly twice the price of the halfs, so I figured I could go back.

Making reservations and getting a ticket to Prague was a challenge. I then found out that the Czech Railroad offers a seven-day round-trip border to Prague pass for 55 DM. I bought that and made a reservation for the train as far as Nuernberg, for the train had left its departure point towards Prague. (I found this out later; at the time I was just really frustrated that the only train that I really wanted to reserve I couldn’t.)

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman