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Bregenz, Austria

I decided to disembark at Bregenz, a particularly good idea in retrospect. Bregenz is this pretty little resort town on the Bodensee, which didn’t even merit a mention (surprisingly) in Let’s Go Europe. It seemed like a good place to stop because I would not need to transfer at Munich, it was by a huge lake, and it was not a big city. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm moved in to squelch any plans for a swim in the Bodensee.

The hunt for a cheap room for the night was an hour-long adventure that paid off nicely. The tourist office was not adjacent to the train station, and the signs which led to it were unclear. A little persistence with the girl at the office found me a single room with breakfast at 300 ATS, well within my budget. The only catch: the room was about 100 meters away from reception and breakfast. The room was in a separate building down the street.

After a desperately-needed shower, I went out on the quest for grub. The most promising target, a schnitzel-house across the street, seemed full, and no one would talk to me when I walked in. So I left. I tried the town center and decided to try the restaurant at the pension I had tried to find a room at earlier. It was a good move: the schnitzel was huge, the fries were plentiful, the beer was tasty, and the price (130 ATS) was reasonable. The name of the place was Pension Montfort on the Bahnhofstrasse, and the beer was Mohrenbräu in a half-liter bottle. It was some good eating, which seems to have helped me fight this cold I’ve been feeling.

After dinner I walked around down at the waterfront. An open-air opera was the night’s activity in Bregenz, and one could see and hear much of it from the waterfront. It looked like quite a show; the props were huge. I got myself a soft-serve ice cream and watched for a bit before heading back to the hotel and turning in for the night.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman