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En route to Bregenz

I’m still on the train. I think I may go to Bregenz instead. This train goes there and it will be considerably closer to Zürich than Innsbruck. Let’s Go has exactly nothing to say about Bregenz, so all I know is that it is a stop on this train and it’s in Austria.

I talked for a little while with a Dutch couple that was sitting in front of me. They were also coming from Prague and heading to their home in Utrecht. They raved about Amsterdam and claimed that there was more to it than the drug and hooker scene. They spoke English flawlessly and also some German.

While still in Czech, there was a little boy sitting across the aisle from me who decided to play with his father’s jack-knife while his parents were in another car. He was holding the knife around the base very dangerously and making me quite nervous, so I got up and took the knife out of his hands so I didn’t have to watch him lob four of his fingers off. I also tried to show him how he should hold a knife, but he couldn’t understand me. I returned to my seat and no sooner sat down and the little shit picked up the knife again, so I looked straight at him and said, “No, no, no, no, no.” He got the point and put it down. His father returned a few minutes later and took the knife away. It occurred to me later that the reason the boy was trying so hard to close the knife was because he probably didn’t want his father to know he’d been playing with it, which he of course did when he returned to find the knife open. So I got him in trouble by not closing it for him, but the boy still had all his fingers, and when his father return he gave his son the same knife closing lesson I gave him, but in Czech. Then he hid the knife.

It’s 2:45 p.m., and we have finally arrived in Munich, now about 50 minutes late. Somehow the German crew managed to lose more time. I’m quite surprised. It is only a ten-minute stop, so there’s not much room to make up time.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman