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En route to Bregenz

Three Mormon girls (they volunteered the information) boarded the train at Munich and sat in the same little seat section with me. They are students at Brigham & Young University in Utah, with names of Lisa, Julie, and Camille. They were planning night trains for the rest of their trip because both of Lisa’s credit cards were no longer valid; one because she entered the wrong PIN at the ATM, the other because she used her mother’s card, which is a big no-no in most places (although I’ve personally yet to have anyone check).

Anyway, they kept me pretty entertained with their stories of junk cars and a trip that involved fifteen days and only two nights in a hotel. I wondered how they would shower, especially when they planned to attend church every Sunday. I related to them my experiences on the night train to Prague.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman