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Zürich and Lugano, Switzerland

I arrived Zürich at about noon. Zürich was very expensive, and I had little idea what I wanted to see, if anything. I had earlier thought that I may spend the time doing a little bit of gift shopping for some of Switzerland’s fine merchandise, but I forgot I’d be arriving on a Sunday, so everything was closed. I bought a newspaper (0,8 SF) and a soda (3,5 SF) and stashed all my stuff in a locker (3,0 SF) after getting 100 SF from a cash machine.

I wasn’t in Zürich for very long when it occurred to me that Zürich would probably not be much fun, and since I had a Eurail pass, I might as well go someplace more interesting. I therefore decided to take the next train to Lugano and try to head Kirsten off there on her way to meet me in Zürich. It was a wonderful choice. The train ride to Lugano went through the mountains of central Switzerland and was absolutely beautiful, following long mountain streams and sides of mountains, yielding spectacular scenery both above and below.

Furthermore, when I arrived in Lugano, I had enough time to voyage into the city center and find a cheap dinner (pizza and beer, 13,5 SF). Make no mistake — they fly a Swiss flag in Lugano, but the city is Italian in most every respect, including the language. Italian restaurants permeate the streets, as do little boys who cat-call every girl in a short skirt who walks by.

After dinner, I took a funicular (0,6 SF) back up the hill to the train station. When the train arrived, I still hadn’t found Kirsten yet and thought she may have caught another train, but apparently Cornelio did not get her to the station until one minute before the train was scheduled to leave, so I caught her as she boarded. She was pleasantly surprised, I think, for she wasn’t expecting me until Zürich, about three hours later.

We of course chatted the ride away, as we both had done quite a bit in four days, and when we arrived in Zürich, we were both exhausted, so we found a room in Zürich for the night at Hotel Splendid (45,0 SF per person), which was clean but had a hall bath and toilet. The rooms were in much better repair than the hallway. Overall, however, it was a pleasant stay, and we slept in pretty late.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman