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En route to Annecy, France

We took a train to Karlsruhe in the mid-afternoon and caught another ICE train to Basel, Switzerland. On board we met an older couple, the husband of which was a model railroad enthusiast who just loved the on-board information screens on the ICE. He told us some stories about the train we were on, including one about a train wreck which is the reason the train goes particularly slowly around a certain curve, and the reason there are two Basel train stations (one belongs to the German railroad).

From Basel we caught another train to Biel, and from Biel we went to Geneva. This was certainly a long trip. When we go to Geneva it was already close to midnight, and Kirsten asked the conductor of the southbound train how we would get to Annecy from there. He said we would have to transfer at Aix-les-Bains, but the connection was not until morning, and we were therefore better off just finding a place to sleep in Geneva and catching a morning train, which is what we did. We got a room at the Hôtel St. Gervais, just a few minutes by foot from the train station (36,0 SF per person). The room was nice and included breakfast, but was without a private bath, shower, or toilet.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman