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Heidelberg, Germany

I can’t say I slept well that night. The clean, inexpensive room in Heidelberg lacked a window and it was very stuffy. Breakfast was the worst so far. Kirsten hated her hot chocolate, and the cream for the coffee was spoiled and made disgusting lumps in my cup. We checked out around 11:00 a.m. and brought our stuff to the train station and stuffed it in a locker (1,0 DM). We still had plenty of time left on our twenty-four-hour pass, so we went to see Heidelberg’s primary attraction, the castle. It was, actually, quite interesting, although Kirsten tricked me into thinking there was free beer at the end (ticket 1,0 DM). What we did see was a beautiful old castle and fortress, set on the side of a hill, and the world’s biggest beer barrel.

After the castle, we got some groceries and had a picnic lunch by the river (15,0 DM). Following a great deal of deliberation, both there and at the train station later that afternoon (Tuesday), we decided to make Annecy, France our next destination.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman