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En route to Annecy, France

We caught the first southbound train in the morning after breakfast. Getting to Annecy from Geneva still involved two connections: one in Chambéry, the other in Aix-les-Bains.

When we finally got to Annecy in the mid-afternoon, Kirsten and I were both ready to find a place where we could just crash for several days and relax. Annecy seemed like the place. It had a lake with public beaches and warm water, and the tourist office pointed us to a nice, centrally-located hotel called Hôtel du Nord, that included a shower and private W.C. at a reasonable price (298 FRF per person per night). We made arrangements for two nights, added an extra night later, and on Friday night, when we learned that 11 million Frenchmen were going to go on vacation on Saturday, we decided to reserve another four nights to make it a full week.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman