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Annecy, France

We’ve been in Annecy several days now, and much of our time has been spent relaxing, watching television, taking long walks along the lakeside, and enjoying some fine dinners. Annecy is a little pricey for eating out, perhaps even a bit more so than Paris, but we’ve stuck to many of the fixed-price menus and enjoyed some nice dinners.

Last night, Sunday, for example, we both ordered from the 60,0 FRF menu at Le Pichet on the rue Perrière. I took the assorted sausage appetizer while Kirsten chose the green salad; Kirsten had steak for the entree while I ventured to the scalloped turkey, both of which came with mounds of fries; dessert was mousse for Kirsten and ice cream for me. With a beer it cost 72,0 FRF, and I couldn’t have been happier with the meal. Of course ambiance was included in the price, but so was tax and tip, and the charm of the old “vielle ville” Annecy made for enjoyable eating.

The night before that, Saturday, provided an altogether different experience. Almost directly across the street from the hotel is a cafeteria called Flunch, whose very inexpensive menu lured us in. For 36,5 FRF, I got steak-haché (basically a grilled hamburger patty) with choice of side order (fries) and a carafe of rosé wine. Ambiance had this place none, but the food was yummy and didn’t cost a fortune. We found out as we were almost done with dinner that we could have smothered our plates with some nice prepared sauces at no additional charge, and they had a microwave oven for food that wasn’t completely hot like Kirsten’s. Overall, it hit the spot. We’ll probably go back.

It is currently raining here in Annecy. The weather has been terribly sporadic here, and if we make plans to go to the beach, it starts to rain by the time we change our clothes. It has also been dreadful for trying to take pictures.

It is unfortunate that I didn’t pick a Flexipass for my European trip, a mistake which will cost me, at very least, a one-way train ticket to Paris from here. It also cost me a longer stay in Mutters, which would have been very nice. I guess I live and learn. I have only met one other group of people, the girls from BYU, who had purchased a standard pass. Everyone else is using the Flexipasses and getting a lot more out of them.

Curt Gilman
Curt Gilman