I’m still in Reykjavik, Iceland, and it’s still raining

Well, it’s been raining since about eight hours after I arrived in Reykjavik Monday morning, and it’s still coming down. The forecast is that it will end tomorrow morning. Just in time for me to leave. Somehow I managed to stay dry again last night. Perhaps I remember more from Boy Scouts than I realize.

Geothermal energy in Iceland
One of the many places in Reykjavik where the geothermal energy just seems to break through the surface.

I’ve been making the best of the weather. Today I walked around the city and the shore, despite the mist. I saw the parliament building and the house where Reagan and Gorbachev met in 1986. I also saw a really cool museum built around an archeological site that revealed evidence of the earliest known human settlement in Iceland, dating before 871.

After all the walking, I thought I’d make use of one of Reykjavik’s thermal pools, the one located right next to the campground. I used the outdoor pools, and it felt great to be in hot water in the cool air. The air was about 46 degrees, and the water was about 96 degrees. I should have gone there every day.

The pool had funny signs in several languages, telling you that you must shower before entering the pools, that you must remove all your clothes when showering, and that you must use soap. There was even a graphic to make clear which areas required soap!

Tomorrow I plan to do the Blue Lagoon on my way back to the airport. That should relax me for my flight.

I see a break in the rain. I’m going to try to take advantage of it …

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