Amsterdam: Arrival and camping

Just a quick update. I’m in Amsterdam, and I’m camping once again. I arrived Saturday night very late, so I had to spend one night in a hotel, but I’ll spend three nights at the campground. The campground is just three bus stops from the central train station, so it’s in a really great location.


My¬†tent was a little damp when I put it away in Iceland, so it was nice to air it out, although it has been rained on again since. I walked around the city yesterday to get the lay of the land, and I’m heading back in shortly.

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam: Arrival and camping”

  1. Hey Curt!
    Glad To Hear Your trip is going well! Grab a cappio at the bulldog, or thy the blues brothers cafe (personal favorite) if you get a chance navigate you way down to Hanky Pankys Tatoo parlor (if not for the ink just to check out the scene) really cool place. Have a heinekien for me and stay away from sailor bill’s. Take care and stay safe!


  2. I’ve never thought about camping in Amsterdam. But your post was so amazing, so next time I visit it, I’ll definitely camp there!

    1. I was worried a campground would be noisy, but this one wasn’t. The most noise I heard was in the campground bar during the World Cup final match that featured the headbutt heard around the world.

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