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First glance at Warsaw

I arrived in Warsaw about 90 minutes ago, and already I’m out sightseeing. I got a room in a private residence for the night. The owner approached me as I came off the train, walked me to her place, talked my ear off for a while, had a glass of wine with me, and suggested that maybe I was looking for a nice Polish girl at least twice. I escaped for a walk around the city before the sun goes down, since I may move on in the morning. On the other hand, the city seems interesting, so I could stay another night.

I tried getting some money from an ATM here, and after several attempts at several ATMs, I made a very expensive phone call to my credit union. It turns out that there are four countries where members’ cards won’t work, and Poland is one of them. Apparently there has been an unusually high incidence of ATM card fraud here. The rest of my itinerary will be okay. Fortunately I brought some dollars with me. I hope my credit cards work.