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I’m in Krakow for another day because my train to my next destination doesn’t leave until 10:30 pm. I looked into other ways of traveling or breaking the trip into smaller trips, but nothing seemed reasonable.

I don’t like night trains. They always smell like death and they stop at every station. If you do get to sleep, a conductor wakes you up for your ticket or a policeman wakes you up for your passport. I don’t even try.

I got to see a few more sights in Krakow, but now I’m passing time. I’m done to my last eight zloty, and I need four to get my luggage out of storage at the train station. I don’t feel like exchanging any more, and I’ve already mentioned my ATM woes. I’ll put a nice dinner on a credit card.

The good news is that it has suddenly become cloudy here, and with a light breeze, the weather is almost tolerable. If it rains, I’m likely to strip off my shirt and twirl it over my head like I just kicked the winning goal in a World Cup match.