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After getting about 20 hours of sleep yesterday and last night, I finally did some sightseeing here in Budapest today. I took a bus tour with a guide, seeing the St. Stephens Basilica and the Parliament building, among other things.

There’s a lot of symbolism expressed with the architecture, so you hear the same numbers over and over again. For example, the domes of both St. Stephens and Parliament are 96 meters high, reflecting the year Hungary was said to be founded, in 896. A lot of construction was started or finished in important anniversary years, especially 1896. Many sights were refurbished for the celebrations in 1996. There are also a lot of things in groups of seven, like statues of seven horses. There were said to be seven chieftains who formed Hungary.

It’s still awfully hot and humid today. It rained for a few minutes, but it really did nothing to improve the weather. Tonight, after the sun goes down, perhaps I’ll get out and walk around some more. Or maybe not. I’m kinda enjoying the down-time.