Arriving and finding accommodation in Split, Croatia

I arrived in Split, Croatia, this afternoon. Finding accommodation was not a huge problem, but I did have to turn a room down. A little old lady met passengers coming off the train and offered a room. I’ve had good luck getting rooms this way, so I decided to try again.

It was painful to follow the woman back to her place. She had recently had some sort of operation, so the three-minute walk from the train station took about 15. Then she showed me her place. It smelled like piss, and it was filthy. I told her no thanks. She showed me another room and offered to lower the price. I told her she could show me any room in the house, I still wouldn’t use the bathroom at any price. Then she showed me the kitchen, which was as dirty as the bathroom. I told her I had to go. I grabbed my bag and ran, knowing she couldn’t catch me.

I walked back to the train station and threw my bag in a locker. Then I went to a place recommended in my guidebook. They found me a place quite quickly, it’s centrally located, and although it’s not “German clean”, it’s clean enough.

The waterfront here is beautiful. It’s like a mini Nice. I’m gonna finish my beer, get my bag from my locker, take a shower, and find some dinner.

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  1. Run Run As Fast As You Can, You Can’t catch him he the gingerbread man!

    Glad to hear your trip is going well!


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