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After several days, appetite returns in Split, Croatia

I knew my appetite would eventually come back, and it finally did last night. I haven’t really wanted to eat since I was in Poland, so I ended up missing out on Hungarian cuisine altogether, which is almost a crime, given its multitude of influences. All I really ate in Hungary were some light snacks in my hotel’s bar, where the entire menu was Western food, and breakfast, which was also Western.

The cuisine here in Split seems to be heavily influenced by its Italian neighbors just across the Adriatic Sea. The restaurant I went to, in a small square in the old city, drew quite a crowd. I arrived early, around 7 pm when only Germans were eating, but by the time I left, around 9 pm, the manager was turning people away. I ordered a first and second dish, Italian style, and even left some room for dessert and coffee.

The food was … okay. The first dish, which was tortellini with a light cheese sauce, was quite good. The second dish, a steak with green pepper sauce, was merely okay, although I was so hungry I probably would have eaten a steak with peanut butter sauce if they served it to me. The dessert was a creme caramel, which I think was soaked in Grand Marnier or Cointreau or something. It was just okay, almost disappointing. My stomach wasn’t complaining, though. At least the coffee was good, and the house wine was good, too.

Although I may sound a little disappointed, I haven’t written off the food here yet. If my appetite remains, I’ll try someplace more seafood oriented tonight. I walked through the seafood market yesterday morning, and it was impressive, so the chefs here would clearly have a lot to work with. I’d love some shrimp or fish … or both.