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Croatian beer: Ožjusko and Karlovačko

For the sake of completeness, I figured I should post an entry about Croatian beer. In short, it wasn’t very good.

The local beer was generally one of two brands, Ožjusko and Karlovačko. The quality of both was inconsistent, especially when served on tap. A couple times I was poured beer that tasted almost stale, leading me at first to believe the way the bars were storing and serving the beer was the problem, not the beer itself.

It’s worth noting that most bars were not featuring Croatian beers, but rather beers imported from Denmark, Belgium, or the Czech Republic, often at about the same prices as the local beers. So it turned out the best beer I had in Croatia was a Tuborg, which I’d already had several of in Denmark.

The second best was a bottle of Karlovačko I was served when a bar ran out of draught beer.