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Sightseeing and comfortable weather in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia, yesterday afternoon. I’ve only walked around for a few hours, but I think this is the most beautiful city I’ve seen on this trip yet. For a capital city, it’s quite small. The city’s center is very easy to walk around. A very narrow river runs through it. There are cafes, bridges, and statues all around. A castle is perched on a hill just above the center.

It started raining this morning right after breakfast. I’m delighted that it’s no longer 99 degrees and humid, but it’s a steady rain that isn’t conducive to sightseeing, especially on foot. Right now, I’m chilling in a cafe near the river for a while, waiting to see if it turns to a light drizzle or mist. If I don’t do anything else, I want to see the castle before I leave tomorrow.

I had a brief but funny moment at the border yesterday. The Croatian border guard opened my passport, flipped through the pages for a moment, and said,

> Mr. Gilman, where are you going today?

I think it’s one of those questions border guards ask to appear relevant. In a few minutes, I wasn’t going to be in Croatia, so why would he care? However, answering wasn’t so easy for me.

“I can’t pronounce it,” I said. “It’s Loo … Lube …”

Then, one of the two beautiful young Slovenian women sharing my compartment laughed and said, “Ljubljana.”

I guess the answer was okay. The border guard stamped my passport.