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Underground in Austria

I’m still here in Austria. I’m in Eisenstadt right now, staying with a friend. I met the friend, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s daughter at the airport in Linz, and then we drove to Altaussee, where we rented a charming cottage in the country for a couple nights.

Unfortunately, it has been raining almost nonstop since I arrived in Austria, so I have been experiencing the extremes of summer weather in Europe. The good news is that my friend had planned some underground activities for us, so we visited a salt mine one day, and an ice cave the next. Both were quite fascinating tours.

We dropped her boyfriend and his daughter off last night in Vienna, where he lives, and the plan for today is a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. I passed through Slovakia a couple weeks ago on my way from Poland to Hungary, but being in a country from 3 am to 6 am doesn’t really permit me to say I’ve visited it.