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Weekend in Eisenstadt, Austria, and Bratislava, Slovakia

I’m once again aboard a train bound for somewhere. I left Eisenstadt early this morning so that my friend could drop me off before work. I took a rural bus to Vienna, where I took a streetcar to the train station, where I boarded the train I’m on now. I had meant to board an earlier train, but it took a half-hour to get a ticket, at which point I’d missed it. I’ll take this train to Salzburg, and then catch another to Munich, which is where I’m going today to meet another friend.

Looking over the Danube: Bratislava, Slovakia.

Looking over the Danube: Bratislava, Slovakia.

Yesterday turned out to be a very pleasant day. We drove to a suburban train station in Bruck an der Leitha, Austria, and took a regional train to Bratislava, Slovakia. My friend has a relatively new car, and she was reluctant to park it in Bratislava, where car theft is common, according to Austrians. We saw the castle on the hill there, walked around the old city, where we had a nice lunch in an outdoor restaurant. I had goulash, which I still hadn’t eaten on this trip, despite where I’ve traveled. We only spent a few hours in Slovakia and then went back to Austria. We had coffee at a lakeside cafe not far from where she lives. We then had a really nice dinner at a nearby winery restaurant, not unlike the buschenschank I wrote about two years ago, where her parents took me when I visited them.

Fortunately, we had good weather for our day outside yesterday. It’s raining again today, although it doesn’t really matter, since she’s at work and I’m on a train. I’m told the weather will be better in Germany. I hope so, because the most enjoyable places to eat in Munich are outdoors.