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I had a discussion with a cousin of mine a few days before I started this voyage. He was joking that I might gain 20 pounds during this trip because of all the beer I’d be drinking, which is perfectly reasonable. However, I responded that I might lose 10 pounds because of all the walking I’d be doing, which is also perfectly reasonable.

Well, I weighed myself this morning on my friend’s bathroom scale, and if it is to be trusted, and if I did my metric conversion correctly, I’m down 11 pounds as of today. I’m also buckling my belt one to two notches tighter, so it would appear that I’ve lost rather than gained weight. However, I still have a week left, so I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if some of that weight goes back on. In the end, the two forces will probably counteract, and I’ll come home almost exactly the same weight as when I left.