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Pub stop in Ireland

Quick update. I’m in Ireland, and for the first time on this trip, I’ve rented a car. I left the airport in Dublin maybe an hour ago, and I started driving north until I found a little roadside pub. I’ve had a pounding headache all day, exacerbated by a flight, a long line at immigration, and a car with both a right-side steering wheel and a stick shift, which is of course operated by my left hand, which is very confusing. Of course, once I get on the left side of the road, everything is backwards, so it all seems to make sense. I thought a little food, a little beer, a little coffee, and a little Advil would make the afternoon go better.

I also wanted to post now because I thought some of you might wonder how the overnight excitement in London affects my trip. Right now, not at all, but we’ll see how these new security measures carry into next week. The only anticipated change is that I won’t be doing any duty-free shopping on my way home, since liquids won’t be permitted aboard aircraft bound for the US.