The prettiest pint of Guinness ever at the Guinness Storehouse

So, in what I imagine will be the last of my alcohol-related blog entries, at least for this trip, I toured the Guinness Storehouse here in Dublin today. I won’t elaborate much about this tour.

Much like the Heineken tour in Amsterdam, it was disappointing that we were in a visitor center, not in a real, working brewery. Their attempt at social responsibility, an exhibit dedicated to alcohol-related social and health issues, seemed entirely out of place.

Maybe the prettiest pint of Guinness ever. The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin.

The tour had one particularly redeeming feature. It goes without saying there was a pint of Guinness at the end of the tour, which is of course said to be the world’s freshest Guinness. However, to their credit, they served it in a top-floor Skybar with a 360-degree panoramic view of Dublin. That was cool.

One thought on “The prettiest pint of Guinness ever at the Guinness Storehouse”

  1. Since no one has commented in a while, I thought I’d just add my 2 cents!

    For any of you who may be reading this, I’d just like to state for the record that Curt does not have a drinking problem. At least, he didn’t when he left the States. Now, I’m not so sure. Could a stay at the Betty Ford Clinic be his next great travel adventure?? Hobnobbing with celebrities, hearing them spill their guts in group therapy, “Hello, my name is Curt, and I only drink in Europe…yuh huh…I swear…no, I’m not an alcoholic…screw you, …I’ll never watch one of your movies again!” It would make this the best blog ever!!!

    Just kidding, bro! You come from a long line of people who cherish their alcoholic beverage of choice…it’s time you made the family proud!

    Hurry up and get home! I need to see some pictures of all the fine drinking places you’ve visited!


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