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All journeys end

I’ve just boarded the bus to Heathrow from Oxford, where I’ve spent the past two days with a buddy from college. It’s here that I begin what will probably not be a pleasant journey home. The security situation at the airport is very fluid, and I’ll find out when I get there just what I’ll be allowed to travel with. As a precaution, I’ve packed as much as I possibly could in my checked baggage, leaving only a handful of essential items in my small backpack.

I had a really pleasant time here in Oxford. My friend didn’t have to work yesterday, other than to answer a couple phone calls, so we really had a chance to walk around the city and take it in. He and his girlfriend have just moved into a cottage in the country several miles outside the city, and it was a very peaceful place to hang out. Naturally, we found a couple pubs as well, including one with an American bartender who bought us a round of cider after hearing our accents.

It funny to think that I should be sleeping in my own bed tonight after waking up so many thousands of miles away. What’s even funnier is that many of you who read this blog are probably just going to bed now. I have a long day ahead of me.