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Delay in follow-up

I had hoped to post some follow-up on my travels, but I came home from Europe with a nasty cold, so I’ve spent most of my time catching up on sleep. In some sense, I was lucky that I didn’t get sick until the last day of my trip. Usually I can count on a few down days during such a long trip.

I also got home to find out I no longer had high-speed internet service in my apartment. It turns out that my ISP wanted to receive payment for the service, despite not sending me a bill. I should be back on-line within the next few days. For now, when I want to get on the internet, I take my laptop to a coffee shop. Counter Culture Cafe at 24th St. and McDowell Rd. offers free wi-fi with a purchase, and they have some of the best espresso in the city, in my opinion.

I did go through a few of my posts and correct some spelling errors. I had intentionally misspelled certain foreign words because my phone-to-blog interface was mishandling some of the characters in the Slavic languages and in Icelandic. For example, the Icelandic alphabet has 32 letters, 22 of which are the same as English, plus 10 we don’t have. I can’t even make some of the letters on my phone.

Stay tuned!