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Drinking in Pasadena

I got back this afternoon from a fun weekend in L.A. Well, I was mostly in Pasadena, but that’s close enough, right? One of my friends, who goes all the way back to junior high with me, finished his PhD a few months ago and is doing a residency at UCLA. His wife was out of town on business, so we decided to do a guys weekend.

I arrived early Friday evening. My friend and his wife are living with her parents, and her father cooked us a great dinner. After that, my friend and I proceeded to Old Town Pasadena to do some serious drinking. However, neither of us Einsteins considered the fact that we had already done some serious drinking during dinner, so the evening rapidly devolved into sloppy drunkenness.

We caught up with a couple of his friends at Gordon Biersch, but they didn’t have nearly as much of a head start as we had. We decided to go bar-hopping from there, primarily because Gordon Biersch kicked us out. I don’t remember a whole lot of what happened after that, except that his female friend went on a chocolate bender and bought me a box of Smarties, which I didn’t even realize were sold in the US.

My friend — bless his heart — kept up with me drink-for-drink all evening, despite weighing about a third less than I do. Working through the math, if I was 100% shit-faced, which I’m pretty sure I was, then he was probably about 150% shit-faced. It was a good thing neither of us was driving.

We stumbled back to his place and attempted to walk off our drunkenness for at least an hour, during which time he emptied the contents of his stomach onto a neighbor’s lawn. It was one of those nights you just need to have every now and then. It was almost 4 am when we turned in.

After a Friday night like that, Saturday was necessarily more serene. My friend’s in-laws have a beach club membership at Santa Monica, so we hung out there for a while, walked the beach down to the pier, and had an enormous hungover-curing lunch.

Between the lunch and the previous night’s beer, all we could get down for dinner was a salad while we watched movies on TV back at his place. After passing out on the couch, I finally decided to turn in. A few minutes later, my friend surfed the channels and found out Transporter 2 was on. Even after we’d talked about the movie earlier in the day, he didn’t wake me up to watch it with him. Grrr.

Sunday, we did several hours of hiking in a forest near the city, and then saw an early showing of Talladega Nights. The movie was dumb, but it was so funny I almost split my side open laughing. We then made our way to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Our hangovers had long since run their course, so we indulged in a pitcher of margaritas.

This morning, when my friend left for work, I headed back to Phoenix. All in all, a great weekend.