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Vegas revue: Bally’s, Fremont Street, and Les Folies Bergeres

My trip to Vegas was short, but sweet.

Upon arriving, eating lunch, and drinking a couple beers, I started to give some thought to what I was going to do that evening. I decided that since I was there by myself, I would see Celine Dion, since I can’t imagine anyone I know would ever come with me. I was staying at Bally’s, so I walked across the street to the Caesar’s Palace box office to see if they had any single tickets left. Well, it turned out that Celine was sick, so the show was canceled. I would have to find something else to do.

When it was nearing dusk, I took the bus to Fremont Street to check it out. It was definitely over-the-top, as advertised. I enjoyed walking around there for a while. If my lunch hadn’t been so enormous, I would have tried some of the food there, like the deep-fried Twinkies. Fortunately, there’s always room for a beer. Riding the bus up and down the Strip was itself an experience, since I ended up chatting with people in both directions. The southbound conversation was with a couple from Quebec who had bought tickets to Celine months ago and came to Vegas expressly for the show. They were obviously a lot more disappointed than I was. Actually, Vegas seemed to be full of people from Quebec, as I could pick out their accents everywhere. I think Vegas has become their Mecca. If they’re financially and physically able, they must see Celine once before they die.

After the trip Downtown, I finally settled on seeing a revue, but I had trouble deciding between Les Folies Bergeres at the Tropicana and La Femme at the MGM Grand. Half-price tickets were available for both at the same price, and the shows started within a half-hour of each other. I finally settled on Les Folies Bergeres. I enjoyed the show, but to be honest, I was expecting a more elaborate production. I think the theater was a limiting factor. There’s only so much you can do when the stage is used four hours earlier for a magician and his tigers.

That’s about all the news that’s worth writing about. I spent most of the time just soaking in the Vegas vibe, which really is like nowhere else.