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Packing carefully: Is one suitcase enough?

Several weeks before our trip, Kathryn and I began negotiating how much baggage we would bring. I wanted to pack light, especially since we would be using public transportation in Rome to transfer between the airport and our guest house. I insisted we could share one small suitcase. She, on the other hand, wanted to travel with more options. She thought we should bring one suitcase each. The difference in price wasn’t really a factor. The extra piece would cost us $25 more on the Phoenix to Philadelphia leg of the trip, but it would be free on all the international segments.

Kathryn decided to take her case to Facebook to see what the consensus would be. Most of her friends agreed that one suitcase would not be enough for two people. Fortunately, social media polls are not binding on anyone.

Is this suitcase big enough for two adults for ten days?

Is this suitcase big enough for two adults for ten days?

As we started packing the night before the trip, I quickly realized I was wrong. With a wedding to attend, we were not going to fit everything into one small suitcase. However, we were able to fit everything into one medium suitcase. When packed, the suitcase had room to spare and weighed about 40 pounds, well within our single-piece domestic weight allowance. I meant to have Kathryn take a picture of what it looked like packed and open, but I don’t think I ever did. Instead, I’ve attached a picture of it closed.

At one point near the end of the trip, while I was drenched in sweat, carrying our suitcase up and down several flights of stairs at a train station in Rome, Kathryn told me she was glad we had only one suitcase. It was nice to hear.