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Finding the hidden, secret pizza joint on the Las Vegas Strip

On our recent trip to Las Vegas, Kathryn and I decided to find the hidden, nameless, secret pizza place at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. I had read about it in the local paper some months earlier.

We entered the casino at the second level by way of the glass pedestrian bridge, one floor above the Strip, after crossing the street from Planet Hollywood. This level did not have any discernible casino activity. That was itself a surprise in Las Vegas, where you’re expected to pass at least some slot machines on your way to or from anywhere.

After we took the escalator up to the third level of the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, the next surprise was that the secret pizza joint was really hidden. It was so hidden that we passed it three times. The only reason we found it was because we were actively looking for it. We were actually looking at it when we got off the escalator. We just didn’t know it.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Can you see the opening behind me? That’s the entrance you’re looking for.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas: Can you see the opening behind me? That’s the entrance you’re looking for.

To find the hidden pizza place, don’t look for a pizza place. Look for what appears to be a service corridor. It’s located between the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill and the Jaleo restaurant, both of which are in front of you when you step off the escalator. You’ve found the right place when you see a pinball machine at the end of the corridor.

The place really doesn’t have a name, at least not one we could find. Its menu is pizza by the slice or by the pie, fountain drinks, and two beers on tap. That’s it.

We each had a slice of pizza and a drink. Kathryn had cheese and a Diet Coke. I had pepperoni and a Pabst Blue Ribbon. We ate at one of the counters. Some folks took theirs to go. The pizza is New York style, and we both liked it a lot. It reminded me of some of the pizza we enjoyed growing up in New England. Soda refills were free.

We paid about $13 for the two of us, which is a bargain on the Strip. Usually one finds cheap eats like this at the dumpier casinos, not at brand-new, upscale places like the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Maybe that’s why it’s hidden.

Postscript: About 24 hours after we found the secret pizza spot, teen idol Justin Bieber was spotted there with his current squeeze. The secret is definitely out.