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Going places: October edition

Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve declined in years past to divulge the details of upcoming travels. Unfortunately, being too tight-lipped has caused me to miss some opportunities, like meeting up with friends traveling to the same places. So I’m going to open up a little and provide an overview of the plans Kathryn and I have for the next few months:

October: A week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Kathryn and I will be celebrating our anniversary south of the border. Our plans mostly involve lying under an umbrella on the beach with a book and a cold drink. We may also make some short trips to nearby villages. Or not.

November: Four days in Virginia. We’ll be seeing the places where I spent my college and grad school years and adult life before Arizona, particularly Williamsburg, Charlottesville, and Richmond. Much of the emphasis will be placed on walking around historical sites and eating good food.

December: The weekend before Christmas in Las Vegas. This is an annual tradition for us, which started several years ago as an excuse to throw off some pre-Christmas stress. The fact that it’s one of the cheapest weekends of the year in Vegas is a nice gift that has kept us coming back.

We’re also looking into Europe for next spring, but we haven’t firmed up any plans for that yet.

If any of our friends plan to be in any of these places around these times, please let me know. It’d be great to catch up.

Also, if you haven’t signed up for the blog’s mailing list, please do so now! With all its recent changes, Facebook has become an unreliable way of getting the word out about new blog posts. I’d hate for any of you to miss something, especially if it’s a change of plans. So, thanks if you’ve already signed up, and if not, do it now!