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Puerto Vallarta: Weathering the storm

An update from our vacation in Mexico, Monday noon.

We knew before we left the States that a hurricane was looming off the Pacific coast, and the forecasts at the end of last week were that the eye would pass over Puerto Vallarta this afternoon. We can’t seem to find a weather report on the television, but folks we’ve talked to seem to think the storm is now tracking south of here.

Nonetheless, being this close to a storm, we’re expecting to get some serious rain and wind. This morning we started seeing some heavy wind, just as we were finishing breakfast by the ocean. We retreated to our room and watched the downpour, although the rain and wind died down within an hour or so. Resort employees have been scurrying around bringing in shade umbrellas. Maintenance workers have been taking down the flat-screen televisions in the open-air bars. Other than that, guests are still using the pools, and business is going on as normal.

Since we spend most of our lives in Phoenix, we’re somewhat enjoying this weather. We’ve seen more rain in the last 48 hours in Puerto Vallarta than we’ve seen all year at home. If the forecasts hold up for muggy weather later this week, we’ll be longing for a return to rain and wind.

In a few minutes, we’re going to venture out by bus to the downtown area. If the weather kicks up, we’ll find a bar.