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Puerto Vallarta: Much ado about nothing

An update from Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday, dinner time in Mexico.

Well, after all the preparations, Hurricane Juvo was a bust. Kathryn got some internet time today to track the storm. It has already passed us and has been downgraded to a tropical depression. The employees of the resort, who just this morning were bracing for the worst, have already brought back the chairs and umbrellas around the pool area, and it looks like dinner service will take place by the ocean as normal.

Kathryn and I, on the other hand, will be dining on our balcony with the several days of food we have in our kitchenette. We’ve had the food at the resort a couple times, and the cuisine is gringo Mexican. Frankly, what we’re eating in the room is at least as good and a whole lot cheaper. Tonight’s main dish is a roast chicken we bought at a stand across the street.

Dodging the hurricane bullet doesn’t mean the sun is shining here. It’s been raining steadily all day for a couple days, and there’s no break in the clouds to be seen anywhere. However, the heavy winds never materialized, and compared to the oppressively muggy weather we suffered the first couple days here, the rain and light wind have made it quite pleasant here, or at least bearable.

Kathryn and I sensed the weather wouldn’t be as bad as predicted earlier today and decided to go into town. We heard about a taco restaurant we wanted to try, but it turned out the words “open 24 hours” mean something a little different here.

We instead tried a restaurant across the street. Kathryn ordered chile relleno, and I ordered chicken mole. As our food was arriving, Kathryn pointed out that two years ago, on our first anniversary, we were in a restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we each ordered the same dishes then. Weird.