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Puerto Vallarta: Still awaiting Juvo

An update from Puerto Vallarta, Wednesday morning in Mexico.

We’ve been gearing up for Hurricane Juvo since Monday, but it’s taking its sweet time getting here. When we left the U.S. on Saturday, it was forecast to hit Puerto Vallarta directly Monday evening. Hurricanes are unpredictable though. The latest report is it’ll come ashore as a category-three hurricane much further south in the state of Jalisco, then follow the coast north toward us, probably having weakened to a tropical storm by then. That should happen this evening.

Although there has been light rain on and off since Monday, this morning we’re seeing the first heavy rain and an uptick in the wind. So what’s coming is coming. Maintenance and housekeeping workers have been busy reinforcing the resort. The pool area and first level of rooms are just a few feet above sea level. Sandbags are in place on the ocean side to defend against a storm surge. Fortunately for us, our room is on the fifth floor.

We’ve been receiving notices about the extent to which resort services are being curtailed in anticipation of the storm. After reading the most recent notice, I jokingly told Kathryn that, somewhere in the resort, two people on the all-inclusive plan are whining about the reduction in their 16-hour-a-day feeding frenzy. A couple hours later, Kathryn found two people in the gift shop who were doing exactly that.

Kathryn and I are not on the all-inclusive plan. We’ve been preparing meals in our room, or taking the local bus to enjoy some of the places in the old town. There are full-size grocery stores within walking distance of the resort, and we’ve stocked up on bottled water, cereal, milk, pasta, and of course beer. If we lose electricity or running water we’ll be okay on dry cereal and bottled water for at least a little while.