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Puerto Vallarta: Day trip to Sayulita

An update from Puerto Vallarta on Friday, morning in Mexico.

Kathryn and I decided to take a day trip yesterday to Sayulita, a village on a small bay some distance north of Puerto Vallarta. We traveled there by bus, one of the ones the locals use. I’m not sure how long the ride was, maybe a bit over an hour. The trip there and back only set us back 100 pesos for the two of us, so it was a cheap excursion, at least for the transportation. It was a different look at Mexico and an interesting change of pace from Puerto Vallarta.

I’m not sure how best to describe Sayulita. It looks like the type of place that was a sleepy fishing village at some point in its recent past. We spent most of the time on the beach, enjoying lunch in a beachside restaurant, followed by a nice walk, and then drinks under umbrellas in the sand. It’s a different crowd of tourist than our resort in Puerto Vallarta. The majority of the Americans we saw there were around 30 to 45 years old and rather fit. Some were with small children. Many, but not all, had surfboards with them, and there were a number of surfers in the water. It was very laid back. The homes along the shore were mostly quite nice, some bordering on spectacular. I doubt any fishermen live there now. The vendors on the beach don’t appear to live there either. One of them was sitting next to us on the bus ride in.

Walking just a few hundred feet from the shore, the village looked quite different. A small central plaza was surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes, which would have been a great find if we hadn’t already paid twice as much to eat with an ocean view. We walked around the plaza until we found the parish church, which we assumed had to be there. I never got the name of it. We spent a few moments inside and took some photos.

At this point, having already spent several hours in Sayulita, we walked back to the bus stop and began the ride back to Puerto Vallarta. It ended up being about eight hours from the time we left our resort until the time we got back, but it was worth the trip.