I usually pack shoelaces

I like to travel light. The easiest way to travel light is to limit the amount of footwear I pack. I typically travel with at most two sets of footwear. More often than not, it’s just the one set I’m wearing when I leave the house. This one set of footwear is often a pair of well worn hiking shoes. If any part of such shoes is going to fail, it’s most likely the laces. I’ve found this out the hard way.

We take shoelaces for granted. When you spend all day on your feet, they suddenly become rather important.

Since shoelaces weigh almost nothing and take only a negligible amount of space in my bag, I usually pack an extra pair for my hiking shoes. In fact, it’s usually the first thing I pack. When I started packing for our recent trip to Virginia, in went the laces. After I started packing, though, Kathryn decided there was no way we could spend three nights in a mild climate out of a small suitcase. So she repacked the small suitcase into a larger suitcase.

Do you want to guess what she left out?

Sure enough, shortly after we arrived in Richmond, one of my shoelaces broke. Imagine how disappointed I was not to find the extra pair of shoelaces I’d packed for every trip the past five years. Of course, I did find a bunch of clothing my wife would never, ever wear, so that was cool, I guess. I walked around with a broken lace for half a day until we stopped in a CVS for replacement laces. They were the wrong color, but I was no longer in a position to be choosy.

Lessons to take away from this:

  • Spare shoelaces are an important thing to pack when you travel.
  • Don’t assume anything about your spouse’s packing.

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