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Dazzo’s in Wikieup, Chicago hot dogs halfway from Phoenix to Las Vegas

Roughly halfway between Phoenix and Las Vegas is a place — I hesitate to call it a town — called Wikieup. It’s a perfect spot to stop for a bathroom break and a bite to eat.

On previous trips, we’ve often stopped at the Wikieup Trading Post. They make a pretty mean patty melt. The problem is that it became played out for us, stopping the same place every time. That, and the fact their bathrooms are beyond disgusting.

My last two stops in Wikieup were at Eat at Joe’s BBQ. Their food has been great, and the waitress even remembered me when I was there a month later. Picnic table atmosphere and relatively clean bathrooms added to the experience.

Still, we wanted something fresh.

This time, we stopped at Dazzo’s Chicago Style Eatery. I can’t speak from experience to the authenticity of the place, but the food was pretty good.

I had a chili dog. It was a hot dog with chili, cheese, and diced onions. There’s not much more to say. For some reason, it was served on a poppy seed bun. Good thing I didn’t have a drug test coming up soon.

Kathryn had a standard hot dog. It came with tomatoes and diced onions, a pickle, mustard, celery salt, something called sport peppers that were untouchably hot and removed immediately, and a healthy layer of fluorescent green relish. The relish was the interesting part. It was, in Kathryn’s words, the color of green M&M’s. She liked it so much, she bought a jar to go.

The bathrooms give Wikieup Trading Post a run for their money, but if Mohave County ever hires a health inspector, I’m sure Dazzo’s won’t be the first to close.