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More photos from Shaw Butte

Not a lot of words in this blog post. Just some photos from a recent hike at Shaw Butte. The hike was later in the morning than usual. The sun was bright, which put me in a black-and-white mood.

I started out with this pile of rocks. Not very exciting, right? Well, I liked using black-and-white textures as my desktop backgrounds, and I thought this might be a good one.

I really dug the cactus, looking all mean and prickly. It was tough figuring out which angle to shoot it from, though.

This photo of some of the cliff faces at Shaw Butte didn’t exactly turn out as I’d hoped. However, it still has potential as a background image, like the rocks above.

Finally a photo of some jagged peaks with the sky above. A filter was simulated using image-editing software, but I no longer remember whether it was a red or green filter that made the sky pop out that way.

In any event, you get an idea of what the scenery is like at Shaw Butte, should you choose to hike there.