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Going places: January edition

Well, folks, I’ve had a good, long two-week rest from my blog. It’s time to sit down and catch you up on where I’m going and what I’m doing. For your reading pleasure, here’s the latest installment of my not-quite-monthly “going places” series.

Las Vegas in January

Since our December trip to Las Vegas was a little more laid back than usual, and since my birthday is this month, we’ve decided to take another road trip to Vegas again next week.

Las Vegas Strip at night.

Las Vegas Strip at night.

We usually avoid Vegas in January, especially mid-month. Between the Consumer Electronics Show and the Adult Entertainment Expo, rooms can be difficult to find, and they’re usually expensive when you find them. However, since both of us have to work on Martin Luther King Day this year anyway, we’ve decided to try Vegas a week after CES.

Kathryn took advantage of an offer for a great room rate at my favorite hotel-casino, The Orleans, which is also where we stayed in December. The rooms are typical Vegas hotel rooms, they’re usually inexpensive, and we always eat well there. The 24-hour Courtyard Cafe is a large part of what keeps us coming back. That and $5 minimums at the craps tables.

Las Vegas Strip during the day.

Las Vegas Strip during the day.

We’re always looking for something new to try when we’re in Vegas, and we never seem to have trouble finding it. This time, we’re planning to try some hiking at Red Rock Canyon. Despite all our visits to Vegas, we’ve still never been there. It’s just outside the city, and it’s supposed to be beautiful. I’ve been reading up on the area, and it seems there are some moderate half-day hikes that would be perfect for us.

Florida in March

Kathryn has been invited to spend several days with her aunt in Florida near the end of March. Her aunt rents a condo every March in the Vero Beach area. I hear it’s lovely.

I’m invited too, but it’s not entirely clear whether Kathryn wants me to come. Since the aunt’s boyfriend will be away, she may just want a weekend for the girls. Like last year. We’ll see what happens.

Hawaii in July

I’ve never been to Hawaii. When I think of Hawaii, I think of pineapples and meth. If I’m ever in the mood for that combination, I’m sure I could just drive to Mesa and visit a Food City.

However, we’ve been invited to a wedding there, and Kathryn has agreed to be a lector at the Mass. So that changes things. It looks like the Hawaii trip will take place sometime near the end of July.


We have flatly abandoned our plans for Europe in 2012. We’re still brewing ideas to go there for 2013. And there’s still a lot of 2012 left, so we’re liable to change our minds. After all, we used a wedding in Pennsylvania as an excuse to travel to Europe last year, and we put our plans together for that trip in just a couple months. So who really knows?

Holy Mary’s Column in Zagreb, Croatia.

Holy Mary’s Column in Zagreb, Croatia.

Closing thoughts

I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who has liked the Pilgrimito page on Facebook. Some of you may have noticed I usually post blog updates on the Pilgrimito page several hours before I post them on my personal Facebook profile. If you’re among my Facebook friends and have not yet liked the Pilgrimito page, please do so. The buttons are on the sidebar, near the top of this page. Mobile browser users may find them lower on the page, possibly below the article text.

Finally, I rarely ask others for prayers, but if you’re so inclined, please pray for the souls of all babies who died before or shortly after being born. Peace.