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Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

This photo, taken in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris, was one of only a handful of couple photos Kathryn and I have from our travels in Europe in 2007.

It was a mostly cloudy day in September, but the colors of the flowers seem to pop out in this photo. The park was full of people, including lots of children, although somehow none appear in the photo. The French Senate meets in the palace behind us.

To get this shot, Kathryn set her camera on one of the many green metal chairs that are all over the Jardin du Luxembourg. We sat on the railing, which is there to keep the riffraff of the flowers. Kathryn activated the camera by remote control.

A lot has changed since this photo was taken. We weren’t married yet, so even though both our left hands are visible, there are no wedding bands on either of them. Kathryn has since had eye surgery and no longer wears glasses. I’ve put on several pounds.

At least one thing hasn’t changed. A few days ago I posted a photo taken last weekend, and I was wearing the same sweatshirt.