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Metro in Rome

When Kathryn and I were in Rome last winter, we used the public transit network extensively. The buses were most convenient for many of our trips, but we also used the Metro trains when we wanted to cover ground more quickly.

Kathryn demonstrates here how to navigate the Metro network using the signs in the stations. The arrow shows your current location, and it also points the direction of the train’s travel.

Reading a sign on the Metro in Rome

Reading a sign on the Metro in Rome

We were at the Spagna station, and our destination was Ottaviano, the stop closest to our guest house. We were going the right way.

Using public transit in Rome is cheap. Most single tickets within Rome are 1 euro. A single trip on the Metro is one journey, while bus tickets are good for 75 minutes. It seems you may also start a journey on the bus and continue it on the Metro using the same ticket, but we never tried it.

Note: Some vendors — particularly tobacco shops — may sell you bus tickets that don’t have the magnetic stripe that allows them to be used in the Metro turnstiles.