Observations from Sky Harbor

I recently uninstalled all the social networking apps from my mobile phone, so I’ll make my pithy observations here on the blog. The following are a few of my thoughts from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix.

Observations from Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix
Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Based on my experiences, Blue Burrito Grille is the least worst place to eat at Sky Harbor. The “Works” breakfast burrito was quite tolerable. The subsequent heartburn less so.
  • If you’re female and reach 300 pounds, you and your venti Starbucks don’t need to walk to your gate. You get a free ride on a golf cart while truly handicapped people wait.
  • I seem to have a one-in-three chance of getting into a verbal confrontation with a TSA officer at the security checkpoint. Today, luckily, was not one of those days. Everyone acted professionally, myself included.

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