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When a flight delay works in your favor

Flight delays are an inevitable part of air travel. Sometimes, though, they work out in your favor.

Shortly after passing through the security checkpoint at Sky Harbor, just before 5:00 am, we saw the departure monitor showing our flight to Charlotte would be delayed by 45 minutes. It turns out the first officer for the flight hadn’t shown up for work for some reason, so 45 minutes was just an estimate. In any event, we’d definitely miss our connection in Charlotte.

The good news was that the agent could now rebook us on another flight. Our new flight — nonstop to Orlando — is the flight we originally wanted to book, but at the time it was $100 more expensive than the connecting flight. Now we had the flight we wanted at the price we wanted.

Now, while we’re waiting in Phoenix for the nonstop flight, what sucks is knowing we could have stayed in bed for two more hours.

We hung around the original departure gate for a little while after our flight had been rebooked. It was Kathryn’s idea, as she thought they might look for us if there was some sort of issue with our new flight. I thought she was being silly, but I got my comeuppance when we heard our name called over the public address.

Apparently they hadn’t released our old seats when they booked our new seats, and they wanted to board us on the original flight. That was at 6:15 am, 45 minutes after the flight was scheduled to depart. The plane was still at the gate.