Bucket list

For what it’s worth, I’d be okay not to see another bucket list ever. It’s probably the most tired, overused travel blogging meme out there. I mean, how many 20-somethings are really expecting to die soon enough to need a bucket list?

Here’s a novel idea: Instead of writing about fifty places you dream of seeing, go see one of them and write about it!

5 thoughts on “Bucket list”

  1. Oh that’s a good idea! Travel someplace, then blog about it…I’m gonna add that to my bucket list. I think I’m gonna start with Glendale!

  2. To me, the whole concept is a bit depressing. It’s good to have goals and all, but putting ‘before you kick the bucket’ in there makes it all seem a bit morbid. I’d rather say, ‘before I’m 30’ or ‘before I’m 40’ though I haven’t even really done that yet either….

    1. Not only morbid, but counterproductive. Life happens, opportunities arise, and plans change when least expected. Focus on a time frame you have some chance of controlling. Like, say, Greece this summer. Then, of course, go do it!

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